Wearable devices: Best 5 smartwatch to choose from

As an accessory, watch has always been my favourite. They add to the style quotient as well as an essential to complete a look. Undeniably, with the evolving technology, we have the luxury to incorporate both ‘style-n-tech’ into our attire. So, next time you decide to buy a watch for yourself, why don’t change it with a Smart-watch! I bring to you the top 5 smartwatch to choose from.

  1. Apple Watch

Apple had ventured into the wearable device market with its three sets of smartwatch – Apple Watch Stainless Steel, Apple Watch Sport and Apple 18 Carat Gold Watch edition. If you are looking for luxury smart watch with some amazing features too then Apple is the right pick for you.

Apple watch aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Apple watch

Apple might be the costliest of all in the wearable market but it offers you something unique! Now, paying just got easier as Apple Watch is enabled with NFC (near-field communication) technology as you just need to double click on the button at side panel of watch, hold the front of watch near POS terminal and with the vibrating pulse your payment gets confirmed. This feature is available to iPhone 5 and later series users.

Apple watch - Sport aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Apple watch – Sport

The Activity App installed makes sure to monitor your fitness regime and maintain your physical fitness goals!

Apple Watch Edition 18 Carat Gold aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Apple Watch Edition 18 Carat Gold

With the introduction of Digital Touch feature, you can now send more personalised messages to your loved ones and friends. Draw an emoji all by yourself and share your feelings.

And I cannot end here without talking about the most notable feature of Apple i.e. Siri ! It just got more personal as you don’t need to put your fingers to work, draft and write a complete message to send rather just say it to Siri and your work will be done. So, no more need to type messages, time saving!!

  1. Moto 360 – 2nd Generation
Moto-360 - 2
Moto-360 – 2nd Generation

The best part about Moto 360 – 2 is that it comes with affordable price range and has very classy look. The dial is circular in shape with size of 42 mm and 46 mm. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 APQ8026 processor and 4 GB memory. Also, the basic Touch-screen, WiFi and Bluetooth features are available. Not only this but it also offers different strap styles like for men it comes in Leather as well as steel and for women it has a beautiful Gold blush leather strap. The price range varies from about 20k to 23k. So, I put it on no. 2 because it’s completely value for money.

I also found one of its feature really awesome that with just one tap you can change the color of the dial. It has also been designed keeping in mind the needs of women as its sleek and comes in good colors and looks way more feminine than the rectangular dial watches.

  1. Samsung Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2 aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Samsung Gear S2
Samsung smartwatch gear 2 aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Swipe through to check notifications

Gear S2 is one popular choice among smart watches. It has circular shaped dial with 1.2 inch display and straps of leather in black color, platinum and rose gold. It has Exynos 3250 processor. Email, Bluetooth, WiFi and messaging are its connectivity features. And the price range is about 15k to 25k. It’s available at flipkart and other online shopping sites.

  1. Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus ZenWatch 2 aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016

Asus Zenwatch 2 aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Asus Zenwatch 2

It’s incredibly good with the price range and features offered by Asus. The new Asus Zenwatch 2 has arrived in two sizes and three charming color themes – gun metal, rose gold and silver. It comes in the metal case with leather straps. The rose gold watch is extremely gorgeous and the one in silver metal with rectangular shape dial is one sure thing to look out for. Asus has come out with a much improved version as compared to its previous Zenwatch. As now it has display size of 1.45 inch and 1.63 inch. The design speaks luxury, comfort and class.

aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016

It offers Bluetooth, WiFi support and messaging as its connectivity features. The internal memory is of 4 GB and its processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. The only disadvantage I encountered is that it still has no GPS! Although, it has all the fitness tracking features and an all new wellness app. You can also control your phone’s camera with your Zenwatch like selecting front or rear camera and adjust the zoom. It has upto 48 hours battery life. Apart from this, you have a plethora of apps and software options to choose from.

It makes for a fantastic deal of looks, design, color and superb features at an much affordable price! It’s also exclusively available at Flipkart ranging from 12k to 15k!

  1. Huawei
Huawei smartwatch aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016
Huawei smartwatch

aswesay.com best smartwatch 2016

Huawei stainless steel smartwatch is unarguably the best looking wearable, in absolutely nice packing. It’s stylish and suave looks gives it an edge over others. The price is about 23k and it only supports WiFi and Bluetooth facilities. Since it has no GPS so for the fitness lovers it might not be the safe bet. It has internal memory of 4 GB and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Everything good so far in terms of its build and design but Huawei has certainly kept the price a tad bit up!


So, choose the one which suits your style! Also, if you are looking to gift something unique to your loved ones then I guess this would be a great option.



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