Recapitulating the exotic – Andaman Island

The mesmerizing fact about god’s architecture is that it’s beyond what a human mind could imagine. With all these amazing places around, I happened to have visited one of the most beautiful island- The Andaman Islands in India. Well I must say it’s beautiful islands are so gripping that it’s hard to take away those picturesque moments from your mind. This island is in the vicinity of the enormous Indian Ocean offering a scenic view. Andaman Islands lies to the east of Bay of Bengal and is famous for it’s incredible beaches and world class water sports activities.

Few months back, I made a trip to Port Blair (the island’s capital). The view from the plane was breath-taking. I thought to myself while gazing at the island’s beauty that it’s just so surreal. As I landed at the Port Blair airport, collected my luggage and stuff, I headed straight to the resort. I found the atmosphere of the city to be very simple and quiet. Not to mention, a bunch of coconut trees outlining the roads.

Day -1

Ross Island

Boarded a ferry and it took about an hour to reach Ross Island. Admin headquarters were situated here but after a destructive earthquake it was shifted to port blair. Since then it has been preserved the way it was left after the earthquake. So you gonna find broken walls and rooms. Makes for a  perfect scenery. There are remnants of church, chief commissioner’s room, ball room areas and museum.

Coral Island

Next stop was the Coral island also known as the north-bay island. There is a reason behind it being named “coral” island. The water is crystal clear and the mysterious life which is deep down the sea is waiting to charm you by its angelic beauty. This island is home to several different enigmatic corals. A glass boat takes you around and you can see down through it. Believe me its magical-I never saw such beautiful corals in different variety of colors from pink to golden to green and more. Now comes the thrilling part because this is the place where you can enjoy water sports activities like snorkeling, sea walking, diving, jet-ski etc.. You will find people from different countries who specially come for these. Now comes the food part. Interestingly, the island city has a lot to offer you from its very own regional food –sea food to Bengali and Orissa cuisines and lots and lots of coconut water. Fresh fruits are a treat there.


Next day started as early as 2:30 in the morning. Yes! had to get up real early for my next destination– The Limestone Caves. The intriguing part of visiting these caves is the route to these caves because you need to cross the remote tribal area and then Bartang island. I left from my resort around 3:30 in the morning. Early morning travel  is preferred as you need to cross the tribal area and it’s a little risky to go there in dark hours of night or late evening as it is believed that the tribal people are active during those hours. Although, there was nothing much to worry about. Around 5:25in the morning while I was still in the car, I suddenly woke up and whoa what do I see… A few tribal people in their typical dress code of red colored strings hiding by the bushes. They do not come out in open as they feel threatened by anything unusual to them. It’s not allowed to pull over there so the driver had to continue. So my advice is to stay awake in the early hours and if you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of them.

Limestone caves

After crossing the tribal area, I took another boat and it took me through the Bartang island. There is a point where all the small ships and boats carrying passengers stop, from here small boats will steer you through the mangrove grooves to the destination. Caution here! Crocodiles might wanna say hi from a distance though. Limestone caves are gigantic caves made up of calcium carbonate and sparkle like diamonds in the dark. That is why lights are not allowed inside. A guide takes you inside in groups, with proper instructions. The entrance passage is huge and dark. The caves are like drops of diamonds which turn blackish in color as you touch it. Taking a closer look, will enable you to see that some parts of the caves are molded into shapes of octopus, lord ganesha and three noses which as the people say depicts the trio of lord Vishnu, brahma and mahesha naturally.


Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach


Kaala Pathar Beach

This trip is totally incomplete if you don’t see The Havelock Island. It takes around two hours to reach there by a ship from port blair. Radhanagar beach is the heart of Havelock. It is the Asia’s cleanest beach. When I reached there, I was awestruck by the view. White sand, blue water, trees all around… it was a place where I could get lost all my life! It was so peaceful there just like you have landed in a paradise. Waves coming in and out, water over my feet brought tiny little fishes of white color and fiery orange. I tried catching them and they slipped swiftly through my hands. It seemed I didn’t need a camera to capture it..the scene is always alive in my eyes. Lying down by the beach n listening to the sound of waves was so therapeutic. Sunset view from the beach makes for an amazing evening. After an overnight stay, I bid goodbye to this island…



Central jail
A peek into the light and sound show depicting the lives of the prisoners and brutal conduct of British jailers
Top view from jail

The Andaman Islands is known for its historical story of “Kaala Pani”. The cellular jail, located in the south of the Andaman Island, was built by the Britishers for those who raised their voices against the British rule. The light and sound show narrates the horrors of the severe punishment and cruelty on the prisoners and the great Indian history and is a must watch during evening. A part of the jail is opened for the tourists and the jail rooms are made available to see. It was called as Kaala Pani because the water surrounding the jail was poisonous and also if any prisoner tried to escape from the jail then he would unfortunately die because there was only water and nothing else miles from the jail. Also it has been recorded in the Indian history that this was the heights of brutality on mankind till date.


So, after all the major exploring was done, I decided to see some of the local places in the city. There are quite a few museums and local markets to see in the city. Good quality pearls-earrings, necklaces, rings and beautiful colored shells, showpieces and rings made of corals are key attractions for shopping. And my driver told me that “Madam, u r not gonna find a single beggar here”! I feel the best part about any place is its people and having known that port blair is a place where every single individual works.. be it driving cabs, restaurant business or just anything be it small or big..  people there are so honest and hard working..  this just makes it even more commendable.. In fact, it might also interest you to know that many foreigners come here during their holidays, invest a few dollars and start their water sports business for a period of six-months. Basically, Port Blair’s major earning is through its tourism sector.

And that’s how the last day of my trip ended.


Moto says…  pin Andaman Islands to your travel list for an out of the world experience! Bon Voyage!

Moto n LB says about the movie of the week – The Intern



The Intern is a story of 70 year old widower Ben (Robert De Niro), a retired VP of a phone book manufacturing company and Jules (Anne Hathaway), a 24 year old successful entrepreneur, running an e-commerce startup.

Ben Whittaker, after a successful job career of 40 years finds it difficult to get going with the life. Life without any purpose and goal. To fill the gulf of retirement and to keep himself engaged, he tried everything from Mandarin classes to travelling. But the uneasiness of not doing substantial was making him relentless.

One fortunate day, he found out about the senior intern program by an e-commerce website, whereby the company needs the senior interns or senior citizen to help the firm with their ideas and experience. Ben took this as an opportunity to rescue himself from the emptiness and get the new purpose in life. It gave him a sense of excitement and new energy to move ahead with life.

Ben was assigned to assist founder of the company, Jules.

Jules (Anne Hathaway) is a 21st century successful young hard working entrepreneur. Who is giving everything to take this company to the next  level.  Jules being a private person, initially didn’t like the company of Mr. Ben assisting her as she finds Ben too observant.

But the beauty of the movie is the change we see in Jules towards Ben and how Ben contributes not just to the company as an intern but also to Jules personal life.

It is commendable the way Nancy Meyers (Director) brought the plots placidly making the experience of watching the movie so wonderful that you will fall in love with the simplicity and conduct of Ben and Jules for her commitment towards her work and family. Ben represents an old school gentleman while Anne is a new age working mother who is struggling hard to find time for her family. This movie reflects on society’s mindset that even today a successful career oriented mother is criticized for not making to her daughter’s school get together and is rather busy taking her company to new heights all alone.

The movie has got some hilarious sequences, few dramas and some good life examples, which keeps the excitement running throughout.  The story was beautifully crafted, showing the life of two different individuals from two different eras, getting along and learning from their life worldliness.

Moto n LB says it’s a must watch movie..!