Moto n LB says about the movie of the week – The Intern



The Intern is a story of 70 year old widower Ben (Robert De Niro), a retired VP of a phone book manufacturing company and Jules (Anne Hathaway), a 24 year old successful entrepreneur, running an e-commerce startup.

Ben Whittaker, after a successful job career of 40 years finds it difficult to get going with the life. Life without any purpose and goal. To fill the gulf of retirement and to keep himself engaged, he tried everything from Mandarin classes to travelling. But the uneasiness of not doing substantial was making him relentless.

One fortunate day, he found out about the senior intern program by an e-commerce website, whereby the company needs the senior interns or senior citizen to help the firm with their ideas and experience. Ben took this as an opportunity to rescue himself from the emptiness and get the new purpose in life. It gave him a sense of excitement and new energy to move ahead with life.

Ben was assigned to assist founder of the company, Jules.

Jules (Anne Hathaway) is a 21st century successful young hard working entrepreneur. Who is giving everything to take this company to the next  level.  Jules being a private person, initially didn’t like the company of Mr. Ben assisting her as she finds Ben too observant.

But the beauty of the movie is the change we see in Jules towards Ben and how Ben contributes not just to the company as an intern but also to Jules personal life.

It is commendable the way Nancy Meyers (Director) brought the plots placidly making the experience of watching the movie so wonderful that you will fall in love with the simplicity and conduct of Ben and Jules for her commitment towards her work and family. Ben represents an old school gentleman while Anne is a new age working mother who is struggling hard to find time for her family. This movie reflects on society’s mindset that even today a successful career oriented mother is criticized for not making to her daughter’s school get together and is rather busy taking her company to new heights all alone.

The movie has got some hilarious sequences, few dramas and some good life examples, which keeps the excitement running throughout.  The story was beautifully crafted, showing the life of two different individuals from two different eras, getting along and learning from their life worldliness.

Moto n LB says it’s a must watch movie..!

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