Airlift: Movie Review


AIRLIFT, one of the biggest evacuation mission, carried out by India in 1990, when Iraq had invaded Kuwait. This mission was one of its own kind where the civil airlines airlifted the Indians struck in Kuwait. Needless to say that in such a crisis, where all the Kuwaitis were being shot dead mercilessly by the Iraqi army and the whole place was burnt down, people could not find a ray of hope to live and could not even take it into their heads that overnight everything has come to an end. So, basically they were just left hopeless and helpless, without any identity, getting no help from either Kuwait government or the Indian embassy there. The film is all about how one man, Ranjit Katiyal a successful business man, rich, famous and powerful, used his each and every bit to help out all the Indians.


About the music of the film, I personally enjoyed Akki dancing to the Arabic beats in the song “Dil cheez tujhe dedi”. Rest of the songs were just to describe the emotions of the situations in the background.

Akshay Kumar Airlift movie review
Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katiyal in Airlift

The film did stick to its plot but there were some unnecessary scenes and after the interval it moved a little slow. My most favourite scene has to be the one, where I see the Indian flag being hoisted at the Jordan airport. It will literally shake and awake the patriotic feelings you have for your country.

I have always been a fan of Akshay Kumar. Be it his comic timings, action films or romance…this guy can do everything. He doesn’t need a brand or a big director or big budget…he has his own aura and has created a brand of his own. Nimrat Kaur, was very good in the movie. She is a great artist as we all have seen in Lunchbox. Her clothes and make-up were kept very elegant and classy. Airlift is surely this year’s first movie which is making decent box-office collections so far. And I must say it’s well deserved.

Kudos to the team Airlift!

Post by Moto

Movie Review: Bajirao Mastani – Phenomenal performance by Ranveer Singh

Bajirao Mastani_Movie Review Ranveer singh deepika padukone

Moto says…

Bajirao Mastani is yet another masterpiece delivered by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This movie is touted to be his dream project from past 12 years or so. And, he definitely did bring out the best of the epic love story saga of the great Maratha peshwa – Bajirao 1 (played by Ranveer Singh) the then Peshwa to Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji 4. The story revolves around Bajirao Ballad and his second wife Mastani (Deepika Padukone) daughter of Chhatrasal (Maharaja of Bundelkhand). She was called as his Mistress but was actually wedded to him.

Bajirao Mastani movie review
Bajirao Mastani Review

Bajirao was reigning over the glory of his heroic win in all the battles he fought and was happily married to Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra), his first wife. During that time Muhammad Bangash was planning attacks over Bundelkhand. In order to save Bundelkhand, Mastani who was herself a brave and skilled warrior, seeks Bajirao’s help to save the kingdom. Bajirao accepts to help Bundelkhand and both of them defeated Bangash in the battle.

Ranveer Singh
Bajirao Ballad

As per historical facts, Chatrasal gave Marathas a handful of villages, diamond mines and his daughter in marriage to Bajirao in gratitude for his help and to strengthen their relationship. While in the movie, both Mastani and Bajirao fell in love with each other and then got married. But Maratha’s never approved of Mastani as she was born to a Muslim mother. They posed many threats to her and her son’s life but the love between Bajirao and Mastani grew stronger. She was not given the respect and stature of Peshwa’s second wife and was treated terribly. But Bajirao went against their will to protect and love her second wife.

The screenplay of the movie was brilliant. One can expect outstanding performances by all the actors. From costumes to dialogues and screenplay, it was all well executed. And as it is a Bhansali movie, so you can expect a fabulous dance sequence with both actresses in the song Pinga (reminds me of the song dola re from Devdas). The music of the movie also feels fresh.

Ranveer singh
Ranveer singh as Bajirao

My personal view is that Ranveer Singh just took me by surprise has outdone himself in the movie. He got into the skin of the character and his Marathi accent is one sure thing to look out for. His body language and on-screen persona makes him the appropriate choice for Bajirao. Deepika looked absolutely stunning in the song “diwani mastani” which is strikingly spectacular. Her expressions and dialogue delivery is superb. Priyanka looks convincing as Kashibai and performed with ease.


Although, the story is given its own share of twists and turns to make it look more tragic but this love story saga is worth watching amongst the number of films released this weekend. I think it’s the perfect treat for this Xmas!


Our take on Tamasha – Movie Review


After one week of its release, Moto and I decided to watch Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor’s Tamasha. It took us one week to finally get convinced to watch the movie as the feedback from people around us was not so positive. So today we took the risk of watching the movie and the risk was worth taking it. And here it is what we have to say…


LB Says…

First of all I loved the way Deepika Padukone portrayed the character of Tara. She was truly beautiful and amazing in the movie. Though the Tamasha revolves around Ved (Ranbir Kapoor)’s life but Tara took my heart away.

Ved met Tara – Corsica

Ved and Tara met in one of the beautiful island of France, Corsica. They both decided to spend time together and not to know about each other’s real identity. They talked about things which made no sense; they laughed and drove around the place. They lived life in those 6 days on their own terms without being the expected version of society around them and after those 6 days they bid goodbye to each other without asking any questions to know about the “real them” and moved on with their respective life thereafter.

maxresdefault tamasha4_mos_091015103101



 After Corsica

Over the years Tara realizes her love for Ved. She fell in love with the madness that Ved had for life. In Corsica, Ved was a dreamer who took her heart away… one who was not what a regular person is… his life was like a piece of a story where he plays a character which he wants to be. She found him to be one of those rarest people who accept their individuality and be who they actually are… And as the story takes another turn…

She meets him again after years and expects him to be the same person she met in Corsica. But, here Ved is a very regular and simple guy. His life revolves around office and home. He is now leading a robotic life with set schedule and rules. Tara and Ved started dating officially but Tara was surprised to see a different Ved.  Tara’s expectations made Ved more impulsive and they parted their ways.

 But he soon realizes that in a bid to prove himself to his parents and live up to the expectations of the society, he has lost sight of himself… what he was and what he wanted to be. He finds it suffocating to lead his life by the set rules of studying engineering, 9-5 office, taking shit from his boss and saying “YES” to everything. He then quits his job and goes to get Tara back in his life. The girl who had shaken and awaken him from the tamasha he was a part of and brought him to reality.

Moto says…

Tamasha is what seems to be the reality but is not. Like in a drama or a tamasha, you see a person playing a character, doing things as per rules, saying set expected dialogues and behaving in a manner to please others. Whereas in reality, we all are very different people, which give birth to creativity and individualism. And we get into this tamasha unknowingly and call it “the course of life”. Also, there are a very few people around who would actually encourage you to follow your dreams and accept you as the way you are.

 I just feel, why is it so, that sometimes a person is so bound and ends up making compromises and gives up on who he is. Maybe because in life, everybody doesn’t get a chance for it… or maybe circumstances are just not right. Imtiaz Ali brought out this subject beautifully. The ending of the movie really moved me and  suggests  that sometimes it’s worth taking the risk… at least for your own satisfaction. It’s “you” who is the hero of your own story. If you don’t like the story..”you” change its ending.. Life is an individual’s story. So Ved comes out of the tamasha he was forced to be in and joins Tara and makes his own story.








Moto n LB says about the movie of the week – The Intern



The Intern is a story of 70 year old widower Ben (Robert De Niro), a retired VP of a phone book manufacturing company and Jules (Anne Hathaway), a 24 year old successful entrepreneur, running an e-commerce startup.

Ben Whittaker, after a successful job career of 40 years finds it difficult to get going with the life. Life without any purpose and goal. To fill the gulf of retirement and to keep himself engaged, he tried everything from Mandarin classes to travelling. But the uneasiness of not doing substantial was making him relentless.

One fortunate day, he found out about the senior intern program by an e-commerce website, whereby the company needs the senior interns or senior citizen to help the firm with their ideas and experience. Ben took this as an opportunity to rescue himself from the emptiness and get the new purpose in life. It gave him a sense of excitement and new energy to move ahead with life.

Ben was assigned to assist founder of the company, Jules.

Jules (Anne Hathaway) is a 21st century successful young hard working entrepreneur. Who is giving everything to take this company to the next  level.  Jules being a private person, initially didn’t like the company of Mr. Ben assisting her as she finds Ben too observant.

But the beauty of the movie is the change we see in Jules towards Ben and how Ben contributes not just to the company as an intern but also to Jules personal life.

It is commendable the way Nancy Meyers (Director) brought the plots placidly making the experience of watching the movie so wonderful that you will fall in love with the simplicity and conduct of Ben and Jules for her commitment towards her work and family. Ben represents an old school gentleman while Anne is a new age working mother who is struggling hard to find time for her family. This movie reflects on society’s mindset that even today a successful career oriented mother is criticized for not making to her daughter’s school get together and is rather busy taking her company to new heights all alone.

The movie has got some hilarious sequences, few dramas and some good life examples, which keeps the excitement running throughout.  The story was beautifully crafted, showing the life of two different individuals from two different eras, getting along and learning from their life worldliness.

Moto n LB says it’s a must watch movie..!