Are you Odd or Even : Or just a critic

The purpose of writing this particular piece is to share my view point on the current status of pollution level in Delhi. We all are very much aware of the fact that the pollution level in Delhi is beyond the prescribed standards. Delhi being the capital city, often stands as an example for other states. Delhi has witnessed growing corporate sector in NCR region, enormous constructions (for metro, flyovers, housing sector) and increased no. of cars on roads, over a few years now. Air quality has deteriorated so much! The air that we are breathing is highly dangerous for children and old age people having asthma or heart diseases. Also, India has the highest death rate due to chronic respiratory diseases. It is totally unfit for young children and newborn babies to breathe this air. I read it in a survey that in Delhi every non-smoker is also a smoker. Because the lungs of even a non-smoker is as much affected as the one who is a chain smoker. Catching with the situation, lately Delhi government has come with an idea of Odd and Even numbers.

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Delhi pollution

What is Odd or Even?

So, the idea is to control the number of cars plying in the city. During odd days, only the cars with odd numbers will run and similarly on even days, cars with even numbers will run. The government is planning to run this formula for first 15 days of January 2016. As of now this is only applicable on private cars.

How’s the reaction around?

The typical reactions of some of the Delhi vallas on this idea was; ye idea nahi chalega(This idea will not work), ye CM kuch bhi karta hai(This CM does anything), car band karne se kya ho jayega(Stopping cars will not help), etc. Reactions of some of the so called intellectuals; Car contributes least amount of pollution in Delhi, Women safety, Why commercial vehicles are not included etc…

So, what could be the possible reasons for so many questions? Did we try it once, NO, then how can we say this will not work. Isn’t cars one of the reason for pollution, YES Of course ! Then how can we say stopping cars will not help.

The very simple answer is, this is the way we are tuned in. We never want to contribute. We just like to ask questions and pass judgment. We appreciate when France, Singapore, or any other developed country doing it but when it comes to clean your own home; we give these knee-jerk reactions to it without giving it a thought. We never want to be part of the solution but yes we like to escape these problems simply by asking a number of questions. Because by questioning we don’t have to go through the pain of travelling by Metro, looking for car pool, reaching office late and all other problems which we associate with this change.

Let’s try at least..

In such a scenario, which we are facing, I feel it is completely justified to support this “Odd Even” funda. At least, let’s try it out and see what change it can bring!

Since, it’s been created by us and we are the cause of this problem. Now it’s our responsibility to come forward and do our efforts to clean the mess.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”


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