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AIRLIFT, one of the biggest evacuation mission, carried out by India in 1990, when Iraq had invaded Kuwait. This mission was one of its own kind where the civil airlines airlifted the Indians struck in Kuwait. Needless to say that in such a crisis, where all the Kuwaitis were being shot dead mercilessly by the Iraqi army and the whole place was burnt down, people could not find a ray of hope to live and could not even take it into their heads that overnight everything has come to an end. So, basically they were just left hopeless and helpless, without any identity, getting no help from either Kuwait government or the Indian embassy there. The film is all about how one man, Ranjit Katiyal a successful business man, rich, famous and powerful, used his each and every bit to help out all the Indians.


About the music of the film, I personally enjoyed Akki dancing to the Arabic beats in the song “Dil cheez tujhe dedi”. Rest of the songs were just to describe the emotions of the situations in the background.

Akshay Kumar Airlift movie review
Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katiyal in Airlift

The film did stick to its plot but there were some unnecessary scenes and after the interval it moved a little slow. My most favourite scene has to be the one, where I see the Indian flag being hoisted at the Jordan airport. It will literally shake and awake the patriotic feelings you have for your country.

I have always been a fan of Akshay Kumar. Be it his comic timings, action films or romance…this guy can do everything. He doesn’t need a brand or a big director or big budget…he has his own aura and has created a brand of his own. Nimrat Kaur, was very good in the movie. She is a great artist as we all have seen in Lunchbox. Her clothes and make-up were kept very elegant and classy. Airlift is surely this year’s first movie which is making decent box-office collections so far. And I must say it’s well deserved.

Kudos to the team Airlift!

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