Asus Zenfone Zoom Review: DSLR experience in Smartphone!

Taj Mahal clicked by Asus Zenfone Zoom

Are you planning to get yourself a DSLR camera? Now you can have it without having to worry on spending thousands just for a DSLR! The brand new ASUS Zenfone Zoom is exactly what you looking for!

Last week, I attended the Launch event for Asus Zenfone Zoom at Jaypee Palace, in Agra. I am already a user of the Zenfone-2 Laser and I seem to be in awe of these Zenfone series. The theme behind the launch was “See The World Up Close”. For all the lovers of camera and photography, this gadget is surely going to get your hunger satisfied. It comes with the 3x Optical Zoom feature and that is its USP!

Unboxing the Asus Zenfone Zoom
Unboxing the Asus Zenfone Zoom
Asus Zenfone Zoom 3x optical zoom
ASUS Zenfone Zoom comes in stylish packing
Zenfone zoom is bundled with fast charging adapter and Zenear
Zenfone zoom is bundled with fast charging adapter and Zenear
Zenfone zoom
ASUS Zenfoom Zoom: First look
Asus Zenfone Zoom first impression
ASUS Zenfone Zoom in black
asus zenfone zoom side view
Side view of ASUS Zenfone Zoom; Side of the phone is equipped with keys for volume, power and camera

Basically, its a camera centric phone with the idea to provide a “pocket size DSLR”! Its 3x Zoom (upto 12x total zoom) lets you see the minutest detail. Also, it has optical image stabilization which enables you to take shake-free photos. The front camera is 5MP and the rear camera is 13 MP. I clicked some of the photos personally to experience the same and here it is…

Taj Mahal Photo taken by Asus Zenfone Zoom
Photo taken by Asus Zenfone Zoom

This picture is of the interiors of one of the tomb in Taj Mahal. I clicked this picture using – Zoom, super resolution and low light mode. It was very dark inside but still then I easily captured the beautiful work done on the walls! Its camera offers various modes like – low light mode to click pictures in dark, maximized 52 MP super resolution mode for perfect clarity, HDR, etc.

Taj Mahal zenfone zoom 3x optical zoom
See what others cant see; picture using optical zoom
asus zenfone zoom View of Taj through the ASUS 3x optical zoom lens
View of Taj through the ASUS 3x optical zoom lens

Taj Mahal is the white beauty and I thought to play with the phone’s camera and find some creative ways to click Taj’s picture. I have used its very own filters and the sky behind Taj looks amazing! Zenfone Zoom surely enables you to see up-close! For more such amazing photos, you can check my latest photo blog where I have clicked every single photo using this phone.

One of the other features that I find very impressive and useful is its battery. This phone is equipped with the charger which is built with Boost Master fast charging technology and that enables it to charge around 60-65% in just about 40 minutes.

The look of the phone is very classy and elegant with the genuine leather grip. There is no chance of getting any scratch on the screen of your phone as it has Corning Gorilla glass 4 for ultimate protection. So, overall Zenfone Zoom comes as a great package of good looks, performance and durability in terms of its outer body.

ASUS has revolutionalised the phone cameras unlike any other brand and that makes ASUS stand apart from its competitors.

The Magnificent Taj Mahal: An Absolute Wonder of the Universe

Back side of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, One of the Seven Wonders of the World, example of an exquisite and splendid architecture, symbol of love… All these synonyms fall short to explain its majestic and enthralling beauty. Centuies have gone by, but its beauty is still intact.

Here is my exclusive photo blog for “The Taj Mahal”. I tried to capture its scenic beauty from each angle possible from my brand new Asus Zenfone Zoom which takes pictures with quality equivalent to that of any DSLR camera. I really love to travel and I also love to capture every moment of it !

Taj Mahal Entrance
Main entrance to the Taj Mahal, Agra


Main entrance to Taj Mahal
Closer look at the main entrance darwaza to Taj Mahal

Take a closer look at the main gateway to the Taj and you will find that it has verses from Quran inscribed on the white marble. I would like to mention a fact here – the flowers and the verses which you see here are neither made by using any colour nor painted; instead it is the marble carvings itself. So, its just the marbles and other precious stones.

I visited Taj on a chilly winter morning accompanied with a lot of fog. I tried to capture that particular dreamlike view of Taj. So, have a look!

Front View: Taj Mahal, photo taken by Asus Zenfone zoom
Front View: Taj Mahal, photo taken by Asus Zenfone zoom

And the above one is my favourite, with the bird flying just in front of Taj.


Taj Mahal
Image of the Taj in the reflecting water pond

My Asus Zenfone zoom’s 3x focus feature and its super resolution mode, made it possible on a hazy-foggy day to click perfectly clear image of the reflection of Taj in the reflecting water pond. This is one favourite spot to click Taj’s pictures for photographers.


Minaret of Taj
One of the minarets of Taj Mahal

There are four minarets surrounding the Taj Mahal, two in the front and two at the back. This minaret stands tall on the marble floor, rising high in the sky. Not just that these four minarets surround the Taj but they also have an interesting fact to them. During Taj’s construction, one key point was noticed that these minarets could fall on Taj if an earthquake occurs. So, in order to keep it away from damage, its makers constructed one of the two minarets at certain tilted angle such that it doesn’t fall on Taj. You can notice the same in the picture above picture too.


Side View of Taj
Side view of Taj; taken from a lower angle

By zooming in the picture, you can notice the persian style writings and poems (caligraphy) on its walls. Taj’s architecture is mostly Persian and Mughal type. Basically, an amalgamation of Islamic, Persian, Mughal and Indian styles of art and architecture.


Back side of Taj Mahal
View from the back side

This back view of Taj shows a little bit of the tilted structure of the minarets.


Other architectural gems inside the Taj Mahal
Other architectural gems surrounding the Taj Mahal

As you move further inside, you can  find some spectacular architectural monuments surrounding the main structure of Taj. This is on the left to the Taj.


Monument facing the right hand side of Taj
Monument facing the right hand side of Taj


View of Yamuna River from Taj
View of Yamuna River from Taj

Taj Mahal, built on the banks of the Yamuna river.

So my trip to Taj was one superbly awesome experience. And I hope that after seeing this blog the reason as to why – it is and will always be one of the wonders of the world- will be very much clear.

It is the cultural heritage site of India and also has fascinating historical love story of – the Mughal King Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mughal Emperor Shahjahan got this built in the memory of her wife.

If you plan for a visit to Delhi and wish to explore more places around it then I suggest you to visit the Taj Mahal.

Airlift: Movie Review


AIRLIFT, one of the biggest evacuation mission, carried out by India in 1990, when Iraq had invaded Kuwait. This mission was one of its own kind where the civil airlines airlifted the Indians struck in Kuwait. Needless to say that in such a crisis, where all the Kuwaitis were being shot dead mercilessly by the Iraqi army and the whole place was burnt down, people could not find a ray of hope to live and could not even take it into their heads that overnight everything has come to an end. So, basically they were just left hopeless and helpless, without any identity, getting no help from either Kuwait government or the Indian embassy there. The film is all about how one man, Ranjit Katiyal a successful business man, rich, famous and powerful, used his each and every bit to help out all the Indians.


About the music of the film, I personally enjoyed Akki dancing to the Arabic beats in the song “Dil cheez tujhe dedi”. Rest of the songs were just to describe the emotions of the situations in the background.

Akshay Kumar Airlift movie review
Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katiyal in Airlift

The film did stick to its plot but there were some unnecessary scenes and after the interval it moved a little slow. My most favourite scene has to be the one, where I see the Indian flag being hoisted at the Jordan airport. It will literally shake and awake the patriotic feelings you have for your country.

I have always been a fan of Akshay Kumar. Be it his comic timings, action films or romance…this guy can do everything. He doesn’t need a brand or a big director or big budget…he has his own aura and has created a brand of his own. Nimrat Kaur, was very good in the movie. She is a great artist as we all have seen in Lunchbox. Her clothes and make-up were kept very elegant and classy. Airlift is surely this year’s first movie which is making decent box-office collections so far. And I must say it’s well deserved.

Kudos to the team Airlift!

Post by Moto

Top 7 Technologies to look out for in Smartphones

Our phones have changed from simple candy-bar Nokia 3310 to an extraordinary iPhone 6s, stuffed with multiple top-of-the-line features. Below mentioned are the brilliant technologies that have defined the face of the smartphone industry in the future. Even some big shot giants are providing these high end technologies in budget smart phones.

  1. Biometric Security

Not just the fingerprint scanner, but multiple other forms of biometric scanners have already entered in the market. One of the latest examples is the Windows Hello in Lumia 950 XL that scans your iris for authentication purpose.

Windows hello feature in Lumia 950
Windows hello feature in Lumia 950


You just need to look towards the display, and the scanner will automatically detect your eyes and unlock the device. Moreover, the technology works even in dark, as it depends on built-in infrared to scan your iris.

Fingerprint scanner has already gained a lot of popularity in multiple flagship devices, including iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5, and the mid-range OnePlus 2.

Fingerprint scanner
Fingerprint scanner in iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6


They all have been designed to give you a faster and more secure way to access your device.

Google has integrated the fingerprint technology in their latest Android version, and the Nexus 5x and 6P comes with Nexus Imprint.

Google Nexus 5 - fingerprint sensor
Google Nexus 5 – fingerprint sensor
  1. Pressure Sensitive Display

Right after the introduction of 3D Touch in the iPhone 6s, Synaptics, the world leader in laptop touchpads, announced their own pressure sensitive panels for smartphones, tablets, etc. The pressure sensitivity, as seen in iPhone 6s, will add another dimension to the way we use our smartphones today. The phone will sense the amount of force being put on the screen and treats you with relevant information.

  1. Virtual Reality

This technology is still in nascent stage, but has a great potential to rule the future of not only the smartphone industry but the complete entertainment and electronics industry. In the future, when the VR content will be available more easily, you will be able to just put your smartphone into a VR device and enjoy your favourite shows in full 360-degree view. What an incredible experience it would be!

Samsung virtual reality headset
Samsung virtual reality headset

Samsung and HTC have successfully created their VR headsets which can provide you the immersive experience of the VR world using just your smartphone. You will just have to place your smartphone in the inbuilt holder, and you’re good to go. While such headsets will be available in the market within a few months, Google has given a more cost effective and easier way to experience VR content – Cardboard. Using cardboard, you can create your own VR headset, and it requires minimum setup. YouTube app has also been updated to support the cardboard, and you can easily access an array of 360 degree videos on the network.

  1. Tap to Pay

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are already into the market, but they are limited to certain countries, and are accepted in even less number of stores. Combined with biometric security, payment made through these services is much more secure.

We will soon see these services in many more countries, and being widely used by the consumers for their added security and convenience. Samsung’s and Apple’s recently launched flagship devices are capable of making payments through their respective payment services, but they are yet to come to India.

  1. Wireless Charging

As of now, you have to place your smartphone over a charging pad to wireless charge your device. But, in the future, you won’t need any charging pad either; the pads would be built directly into your furniture, like tables, etc., and you just need to keep your device on the table to start charging it. By then, fast charging will also be much more effective in wireless charging, than what it currently is.

For the time being, Samsung’s latest flagship devices come with wireless charging facility. A few more devices have implemented the feature, but none have been as popular and effective as the Samsung’s. However, you will have to buy the charging pad separately, and being a new technology, it sports a premium price tag.

  1. Laser Autofocus

LG was the first manufacturer to implement this technology in their then flagship device G3, but it is now seen in various budget smartphones from Asus as well. The technology shoots a laser beam on the subject to ensure a faster and accurate focus lock, even in the low light condition. As a result, you get a perfect shot with an even perfect on spot focus. The Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is designed for giving an ultimate camera experience to user, without compromising on the quality, speed and accuracy, even when the lighting conditions aren’t adequate.

  1. LED Flash with the Front-Facing Camera

When you try clicking a selfie in dark, you certainly get disappointed because of its low quality with a lot of grains, and almost nothing being visible. Well, the companies have thought of this problem and have decided to accompany an LED flash with the front camera too. Motorola’s Moto X Style is one such latest smartphone that features a front facing LED flash to aid its already awesome selfie camera. Apple came with a unique way to cater the problem in their iPhone 6s. They used device’s display itself to light up your face for optimum lighting and ultimately better quality selfie.